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IPV4 and IPV6 IP to Country Database: to search online as well as download.
Database License: DONATIONWARE
Previously, This DB was licensed  differently (GPL V3), which restricted many commercial developers from using it at all.

Now, it's "donationware". Problem is, many are using it in commercial products, benefiting financially without giving a thought to the source - this database.

It's simple: we cannot offer tens of thousands of downloads per day without assistance. Please help us.... the PayPal link is right above.

More details in the DB License & Changelog

Many thanks!
  • Real Time Country Geo-Location
  • Web Server Log analysis
  • Creation of Location Aware Content such as language, currency, etc
  • Fraud Detection, Credit Card Fraud vetting etc.
  • On-line campaigns such as targeted Banner Ads
  • Digital Rights Management such as music or film distribution
  • Auto country detection for rapid form entry such as country, currency, language.
  • Filter web access on basis of originating country
  • Spam mail Filtering
  • Firewall and HTTP filtering rules
  • Email services for identifying the country of the sender
  • 3rd party scripts such as Message Boards and blogs
  • Use your imagination ...
Other Free tools


Lookup multiple IP addresses at once - Multi-Lookup. Most useful for pasting of server logs, "netstat" output, mail logs etc. Able to identify and group multiple IP addresses and sort in various intuitive ways. Probably most importantly, produces output in CIDR format supported by many Firewalls deny filters


An experimental tool for looking up DNS records, MX records and more. Please note it is still under development. We would love to have your feedback. Link here

This Database and website is operated as a free Web Service maintained by Webnet77 and updated daily. It represents the over 4 billion IPV4 numbers as well as the virtually inexhaustible IPV6 range (3.4e+38).

We have been running this database as a free community service since 2004 and will continue to do so for as long as funds permit. We do ask that you consider making a donation as our operating cost for this site have increased substantially over time - As more and more developers build our database into end-user applications, downloads increase non-linearly.

For example, all it takes is some new Ubuntu distro or Wordpress plugin to be released that uses this database and we suddenly have an extra 10,000 downloads per day. Wordpress or Mambo don't get updated daily but this database does, so in many cases, people download it daily hence the number of daily downloads increases disproportionately as application usage increases.

In the past 3 hours the database has been downloaded 392,070 times.
Contributions by various members of community. Here you will find scripts written in languages like Perl, PHP, Java, awk as well as bash. The applications vary from firewall applications to bind acl's as well as browser based country lookup scripts you can use on your website. Most scripts are licensed under the public domain, GPL or creative commons licenses.

Go to the software page.

How often should you download this database?
If you use our IP to country Database in your applications you should get an updated copy from time to time. Depending on your application, probably once a month should be fine. We have observed up to 50 row changes from a single registry in a one day on busy days. Some days there are far fewer.

This may sound like a lot or a little depending on how you look at it. Mostly it will not affect you and sometimes it can be significant. For example, a Registry may allocate a block of IP numbers for a specific event - like an international trade show. These IP numbers may be valid for a few weeks only and then revert back to the registry when the show is over. Unless your application has an interest in the trade show event, the assignment/revocation of these IP numbers will have little impact on you or your application.
Downloads past 3 hours: 392,070
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