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Lookup multiple IP addresses at once with this handy form. Multiple IP address separated by one or more spaces per line allowed and extraneous text or other numbers will be ignored. A typical application for this tool is to process the output of something like #netstat -nt and select the drop down box to order the results by number of hits or by country. This can be helpful for diagnosing Apache/HTTPD requests.

Simply paste the output of putty (or whatever you use for command line) into the form above to process into a nicely formatted list by country or number of hits.

There are dozens more things you can do and command lines you can run to extract useful information from mail, kernel and firewall logs, IPTABLES etc to test for trends, abuse, denial of service attacks and much more. Grouping IP addresses by country immediately and visibly shows trends that are not apparent by ay other means.

Have fun!

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