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This section is contributions by members of the community. Please share your scripts/applications with others if you have written something worthwhile. You may use the "contact us" link at the top of this page to submit it. If we think it could be useful to others, we will gladly exchange a link with you.

Please report broken links by using the "Contact Us" link at the top.
Language Author Description DOWNLOAD
GEO-IP DB Webnet77 This is the actual database all the scripts are based on. You need to download this first. DOWNLOAD DATABASE HERE
PHP Llewellyn An IP Data API Component for Joomla! version 3.x as well as a currency converter GitHub
bash/PHP Dougie Milne A very elegant Bash and PHP combination! Source
Live Lookup! Daiguo A Very fast Web-Based IP lookup system that has been around since 2008. Simple URL API built on top of a daily build of our CSV database - same accuracy, less hassle.
Providing 30 million free lookups per month and growing!
Use it now
PHP & Delphi Mats Gefvert Classes in PHP and Delphi, for really fast lookups on IPv4 Ip2Country database. Source
Perl Brian Cassidy Geo::IPfree - Look up the country of an IPv4 address Perl Module
EXCEL/OO Steve Davies A handy EXCEL/Open Office Spreadsheet that can convert Numeric IP Numbers to dotted quads SpreadSheet
JAVA Sam Marshall Java utility library that obtains country information from IP address Website
Shoutcast Rick Adams Display Shoutcast Listeners by Country. An interesting site that has useful information as well as source code. Source
PHP (class)
Breaks the CSV database into multiple files for fast accesss. Source
Perl Webnet77 A basic script to redirect visitors to your website based on their country Source
SOAP George Brad Free to use SOAP service for low-volume site developers Code
Java Chris Malan Java code (also requires MySQL) for reading the Geo-IP Database Source
Perl Webnet77 Perl script to allow IP lookups from a Web Browser Source
C Seenu Reddi A useful application that loads the database into memory and allows instantaneous lookup of an IP address is integer or dotted quad format. A windows EXE file is also available. Source
PHP (vBulletin) Mark Fyvie Geographic Location Awareness - GLA - for vBulletin. This is one of several plugins available for vBulletin by the same author. There are others linked from the link given to the right that display the country of origin, allow banning by country and more. plugin
(Requires vBulletin License)
Perl Webnet77 A simple command line utility that examines the Exim log file to make a human readable summary together with IP -> Country information Source
Lua "Duck" Comments from author: "Such documentation as there is can be found as a largeish comment at the start of the file. There are no external dependencies, aside, of course, from Lua 5.1+ and the IpToCountry.csv data. The CSV file doesn't need pre-processing or stuffing into a database. The script just parses it into a table when it loads it -- Lua's quick enough for this." Source
symfony Frank A code snippet which will soon be a plug-in, of IP to Country lookup for the symfony Framework. Symfony is a Open-Source PHP Web-framework which is becoming very popular. Source
N/A Webnet77 A Remotely hosted statistical aggregator for your website. Use it
Coldfusion Denard Springle This package consists of two components and two Coldfusion pages. One is used to import the IpToCountry.csv file into either a MySQL or MSSQL database. The other is used to get the country information from the database once it is imported. Source
PHP Alfred Tchondjo This component is Build with an eye to keeping it as lightweight and lookups as fast as possible. And there are no external requests being made during runtime. So, if you need to get your website visitor's country and you don't want to use any API then this is the best solution for you.

The project integrates methods to quickly update the data center providing ip ranges with the least possible human intervention.

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